• Gardner Mega Bug Indicator White

Gardner’s Bug Indicators are the most versatile indicator system on the market today and they are a real modern classic of the carp fishing industry. No matter where in the country you fish, you’re almost guaranteed to find at least one angler on your venue setup with a set of these unique little indicators and their innovative design really did pave the way for the new indicators you see from all the big name brands today. You can’t beat the original, though, and these Bug Indicators remain some for the finest indicators to have ever been manufactured. Reliable and versatile, no matter your setup, you’ll always have the perfect indicator for your needs with the Gardner setup.

With this system, you’re able to fish with tight-lines, slack-lines, or anything in between. This is thanks to the brands’ dual position precision line clip, which either keeps the line clipped up and free running or trapped in position – depending on your needs on the bank. This trapped position, in particular, is highly effective if you’re fishing with a sensitive setup and you want to clearly see each and every indication on your bite alarm. It is also ideal for use if you get a drop back, as it retains the indicator’s position on the line for ultra-clear readings no matter which way your carp runs. The antennae on the Gardner Bug Indicators are not only the feature which gives the indicators their iconic name but they are also the feature that provides the indicators with their famous versatility. When you’re fishing with a slack line, these clips grab hold of the line to avoid accidental wind bleeps – perfect for fishing on an inclement day when you want precise readings time after time. Whether you’re fishing with a running setup or a trapped one, these Gardner Bug Indicators provide you with faultless indication time after time.

Mega Bug - 22mm long, 12g weight

Colour White

Gardner Mega Bug Indicator White

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