So what are Oily Hybrids? The Oily Hybrid is a multi-level bait with a hard, cooked exterior (like a boilie) and a soft, soluble paste centre.  The soluble paste begins releasing flavours and attractors as soon as it is in the water, attracting fish immediately – fantastic attraction.  The hard, cooked exterior is exactly like a boilie, ensuring the durability of the Hybrid bait which will stay intact for at least 15 to 20 hours, depending on small fish or crayfish activity. The Hybrid’s large size makes it  a fantastic bait for catfish.  The Oily Hybrids are based on our fantastic BioMix Shellfish base mix, with added soluble proteins (HPSFE) and Robin Red.  The flavour combination is Monster Crab, Mega Salmon and HDD (an attractor blend of organic acids) which is awesome.  I also add Super Food which is a blend of natural extracts and essences that is bursting with free aminos and Salmon Oil. This bait has been developed from the original Hybrid recipe but We slightly modified it to make the Oily Hybrid, a bait that is perfect for catfish. We increased the protein level with extra fishmeals and soluble fish proteins and also increased the levels of fresh salmon oil. Not only do catfish go mad for the ‘smell’ of the flavour and attractors in this bait but from a nutritional point of view the oily Hybrids are perfect for catfish.  Once they get a taste for this bait they will actively search them out.

Big Cat Oily Hybrids 30mm 1kg

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