• Savage Gear Line Thru Pike 20cm
The perfect Jack Pike Imitation based on a 3D scan of a real Jack Pike, with incredible details and movement – for those periods where the big mammas want small pike! The innovative Line Thru system from Savage Gear allows you to put the hooks either on the back or on the belly, depending on how you want to fish the lure. When the fish attacks the lure and gets hooked, the lure shoots up the line and away from the fish – so the fish cannot use the weight of the lure to lever the hooks out! The swimming action of the lure is a close to the real thing as you can imagine – it literally swims like a live fish and it can trick even the most clever predator to attack! This startlingly realistic lure is comes pre-rigged with a length of durable Savage Gear wire and a super sharp single  and 1 x Treble hook,

Savage Gear Line Thru Pike 20cm

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