• Deeper Fishfinder
The amazing Deeper fishfinder is a fishfinder with a difference. It actually bluetooths to your iphone, ipad or android smartphone. This means that you get a much better screen resolution than on other systems. It contains a sealed Lithium polymer battery that you charge via a USB  connection. With a batttery life of 4 hours this is more than enough for the average days fishing. The Deeper has many useful functions; as it is connected to your smart device you can locate your position using Google maps and mark and store your location on the map. You can also take screen shots of underwater features for future reference. There are also things like a calender with moon phases on, if you are a follower of these. As the softwear is downloaded via a free app, it means that whenever there are updates you can simply download the latest version. The range on the unit is officially rated at 50m although when it was tested by Specimen Fishing UK boss Dave Mutton, with the manufacturer and the UK distributor  it was still picking up a signal in detail mode at 80m. This may not be the ideal tool for long range carp fishing but it is ideal for shorter range casting, using from a boat or even trotting down a river to find holes, drop offs etc. Operational depth- 1.5 feet to 130 feet. Temperature range -20c to +40c Frequency - dual band 290khz and 90khz. Units, Metric, Imperial and mixed feet/centigrade.

Deeper Fishfinder

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