• Catfishing UK ‘Cat Whisperer’ 12ft Rod
Cats in the UK are getting larger every year. With several lakes now offering fish of well over 100lb then the correct rods are needed to target these beasts. Whilst the rod needs to be powerful it does not want to be 'poker-like' as many of the fish caught in the UK are a lot smaller than 100lb a rod that retains sensitivity as well as having power in reserve is required. The Cat Whisperer perfect rod for the job. Designed by Dave Mutton and built by master rod builder Mark Tunley, this rod is the best catfish rod on the market. The rod is fully hand built on a 5lb Harrison Blank and features quality fittings from Fuji and Kigan. 7 eyes + tip ensure the line follows the curve of the rod and yet allows the rod to cast a distance as and when required. The vast majority of the pressure when playing a fish is on the tip ring- therefore a fuji alconite has been selected as the best possible tip ring available. All other rings are quality Kigan SiC rings as these have proved more durable than any others. Reel seat is a Fuji DNPS, and the rod features a smart steel and rubber fighting butt to spread the pressure when the rod is jammed into the groin or stomach when playing a fish. The rod also features an up-grip as this offers far more comfort than gripping the rod blank. Hand finished, including painted Catfishing UK logo. this rod just exudes pure quality. In it's first season of use the rods took fish to 96lb with ease and will cope with far bigger. Discounts are available on multiple rod purchases. Please note- these are hand built to order, they are not bulk produced and stacked on the shelf. Therefore please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

Catfishing UK ‘Cat Whisperer’ 12ft Rod

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